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Starting a Business?

Our history runs deep here, and we love to support our businesses. We hope that Rutherfordton becomes part of your entrepreneurial future.

Running your own business is exciting and sometimes overwhelming, and we want to make it as painless as possible.  We can assist with a business plan, which is a road map for your business; tax information; legal references; financial planning, and many other details that are required to make your new business a success. Below is our new business information, including resource lists for you.  There are many resources, but these resources are the basic guides and local agencies that can assist you in your new business.

New Business Resource Guide - complete with checklists and the essential information to get you started. 

Market Analysis & Business Development Strategy - a strategy guide that outlines key markets to tap into to foster growth in Rutherfordton. 

Isothermal Small Business Center - a member of the NC Community College System Small Business Center Network(SBCN), their services are provided to the local community at a low or NO cost.

Social Media Workshop

On June 20th at 10am, RTR will host a Social Media Workshop. This workshop is a great opportunity for those interested in learning more about social media and how to make the most of your media presence for your business. The workshop will cover topics such as:
- Google My Business 
- How to set up pages for your business - Social Media Tips and Tricks 
- Content Creation and Scheduling 
- Online Advertising using Social Media 
- and Other Digital Marketing Strategies 
The workshop will also offer an opportunity to network with other downtown business owners and learn what they have done to boost their social media presence. 

More Resources...

In coordination with Locable, our technology partner that automates cross-promotion in Rutherfordton, we hope you find these resources helpful for you and your business.