About Rutherford Town Rising

What's in a Name?

There is a running debate within our community and it’s not about climate change or the best way to grow tomatoes,  it’s over how in the world you pronounce the name of our town – Rutherfordton. Don't worry about pronouncing every syllable. It's not necessary.

The following are just a few of the local, “acceptable” pronunciations…

  • Ruff’ton

  • Rolph’ton

  • Rudder4ton

  • Rullerfourton

In fact, we even have a t-shirt that spells it all out, and you can purchase one at town hall.

Regardless of how you say it, those of us that live here and anyone fortunate enough to have visited know that Rutherfordton is a truly special place.

Our Board

Rebecca Blanton

Executive Director

Contact via email:

[email protected]

Jim Masek

Board President

Christy Houser

Board Vice President

Shannon Bird

Board Treasurer

Alex Maples

Board Secretary

Dr. Doug Sheets

Board Member

Dan Maples

Board Member

Magnolia Long

Board Member

Doug Barrick

Board Member

Willard Whitson

Board Member

Charlotte Epley

Board Member

Jordan Jackson

Board Member

Amy Torvinen


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